Registration & Fees

Fees for HeadStart Sports can be paid directly to coach, or for your convenience, you can make an online payment using PayPal below.



Each player selected for a HeadStart Sports basketball team will be responsible for a one-time registration fee of $225 (plus $10 handling fee for online registration) which includes a game uniform, practice uniform, first month dues and insurance.

Player’s Name



Monthly Dues

Monthly Dues of $95.00 (plus $3 handling fee for online payment) are due at the first practice of each month



Special Offers


Sibling Discount!  50% off the monthly dues for each additional child you register.

Referral Program

For those interested in the bonus of saving on your child’s monthly dues, please remember to take advantage of the referral program HeadStart Sports offers.

Save 50% on your child’s monthly dues for the following month for every player who registers for any level/grade team from your referral.

There is no limit to the number of 50% waivers you may earn as a result of your referral.




Tournament Fees

You can also pay for your tournament fees online.

Select Tourny Option
Tourney Date



Prices include a $2 handling fee for online payments.

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