Covid Vaccine: Employer Choices – Are Employers Being Tricked?

Covid Vaccine: Employer Choices – Are Employers Being Tricked?

There are a variety of issues that you just, as an employer, merely is not going to know until you’ve got taken the time to go to numerous seminars, hear to numerous whistle-blower-type well being specialists, and dig out some details about the vaccine.

This text will shine the sunshine on data you could or could not know.

The vaccine was instituted beneath emergency authorization. That is the one manner they might get it to the general public.

If hydroxycholoquine may have been used as a preventative, they could not have pressured this vaccine by way of. For this reason hydroxycholoquine was fought a lot. Hydroxycholoroquine really has been efficiently used for years, however this was not reported to the general public. As an alternative, hydroxychloroquine was forged in a damaging gentle.

In any case, this “vaccine” was pushed by way of. It really will not be a vaccine. A profitable vaccine will create immunity. This doesn’t. It is a modified RNA (mRNA) shot. It impacts the DNA.

Whereas there are some detailed explanations from whistleblower docs as to how this works, there’s nonetheless a sure diploma of unknown territory relating to all its results. It does issues to the physique and so they actually have no idea the complete extent of all that might occur because it didn’t undergo typical scientific trials.

There have been warnings to not use it, but it surely was pushed by way of anyway. We’ve got seen some drastic reactions starting from demise to paralysis to bleeding to miscarriages and extra.

The aim of this text is to not talk about the entire reactions. The aim of this text is to encourage employers to hearken to this roughly 1/2 hour video of an legal professional discussing the issue of mandating the vaccine.

That is an experimental vaccine and legislation masking it goes again to the Nuremberg Code. There are numerous particulars associated to that, however watch the video to be taught extra. It’s essential to get educated on the legislation. It’s essential to do extra than simply learn this text, it’s actually essential to educate your self with the video and different associated data.

The underside line from a enterprise administration perspective is that this. The drug firms aren’t accountable for any opposed reactions. However employers could be liable in the event that they mandate the vaccine. And if you happen to, the employer do not know that, you could be tricked into taking over a legal responsibility that even the drug firms aren’t keen to take.

It is actually crucial that you just take the time to hearken to this video earlier than making any selections about mandating the vaccine. Be taught and suppose earlier than you act.


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Covid Vaccine: Employer Choices – Are Employers Being Tricked?


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