I Stack Silver: The Information Is A Lie

I Stack Silver: The Information Is A Lie

I Stack Silver As a result of The Information Is A Lie

I stack silver as a result of it’s common sense. An individual must stay in a bubble to disregard the occasions we see and listen to day by day. I’ve discovered that mainstream information is nothing however propaganda. An individual solely has to look at the way in which totally different information channels report the identical story. When you watch a information report on one information channel it’s fully totally different from what’s reported on one other channel. What I’ve discovered is that information channels are like listening to a radio station for music. We select to solely tune in to what we agree with. The information firm an individual chooses to make use of normally simply matches the perspective an individual desires to listen to. I stack silver as a result of the information is a lie.

There’s No Information With The Reality and There Is No Reality With The Information

When you hate Trump you take heed to a hate Trump ‘information’ channel. When you love Trump you do not tune into these channels. A Trump lover will watch ‘information’ studies from ‘information’ shops that report love Trump-themed studies. No matter your political opinion, most individuals will agree that there are agenda-driven ‘information’ stations.

You positively is not going to discover your motive to stack silver on mainstream shops as a result of it’s all actually propaganda. Sadly many individuals get their ‘information’ from social media web sites to make issues a lot worse. There actually is not any truthful information group. What the American public, and the world, see is merely an agenda-driven machine. That machine will persuade you that silver is a horrible funding. The common American will inform you that though silver has worth they consider it’s not cash.

The Information Is A Joke

I’m NOT a Republican, nor am I a Democrat. But, it’s common data that the media is managed. There are hidden forces that promote the agenda of the powers which might be controlling all elements of American life. I can’t debate this opinion as a result of actuality is in every single place. Colleges, books, social media, tv reveals… I stack silver just because what I see on the information will not be based mostly on actuality.

Your complete world media is an agenda-driven machine. As soon as I began to peel away agenda-driven motives what I noticed woke me up… My need to stack silver has grown as a result of I see what’s coming by the prism of historical past. You’ll be able to dismiss me as a loon and in case you do I actually don’t care. However you owe it to your self, and your loved ones to at the very least do some open-minded pondering for your self. Research financial historical past. Have a look at The Weimar Republic. Take a second and take a look at how The Roman Empire collapsed after they debased their forex. Dismiss me if you’d like however you possibly can’t dismiss historical past.

My obsession for silver stacking started with my first listening to the phrase fiat forex.

I Stack Silver Due to Historical past

All issues began to fall into place once I randomly watched the ten half sequence The Hidden Secrets and techniques of Cash from Mike Maloney. This sequence of movies are very effectively made and explains the US Greenback by the prism of historical past. What I discovered not solely shocked the heck out of me… it modified my whole day by day life. The content material of the video (and the whole sequence) shocked my consciousness. As soon as I began to see how historical past has performed out I noticed I’ve been a working shlep from the time I began a few years in the past. Your complete monetary system has been rigged towards all of us citizen peasants. Easy little details like inflation are a lie. Inflation will not be ‘regular’. It’s manufactured to maintain the U.S. greenback alive and make the rich even wealthier. Inflation is merely a silent tax that makes the highest 1% of the wealth in America keep within the high 1%. After I say this out loud many individuals say I’m simply loopy. A ‘conspiracy individual’. But Voltaire mentioned this and he lived over 300 years in the past. Silver was round hundreds of years earlier than he made the well-known assertion..

Voltaire Quote

“Paper cash finally returns to its intrinsic worth: zero”

Quickly historical past will repeat itself as soon as the greenback crashes. Hyperinflation might have already taken maintain and the top has begun. The looming reset might be at present or many days from now. The hidden fact is that it can’t be stopped. World debt is simply too giant and society too corrupt. I used to assume solely America was bankrupt however it’s the whole monetary system of each nation on the globe. Historical past reveals us {that a} fiat forex can not survive. Historical past additionally reveals us that the American monetary system is about to expertise one other reset. I agree with what I heard Mike Maloney say yesterday. What’s going to occur to the value of silver will probably be “between astronomical and infinity”.

Historical past Is Coming Once more

A high motive I stack silver is that I’ve discovered that america of America is managed by a small group of rich people. You’ll be able to roll your eyes and dismiss however that’s your alternative. I do know what’s going to occur when the greenback crashes and it’ll crash.

We simply have no idea when the greenback will crash. I stack silver to outlive when that point comes. I hope I’ve time to stack extra silver, however no one is aware of when the hour will arrive. I’ve heard which you could’t eat silver which is the dumbest factor I’ve ever heard. My easy response is that I stack silver and I retailer meals and water.

I stack silver as a result of I did my analysis and the reality is correct earlier than our eyes. The unhappy half is that most individuals merely dismiss it and do zero analysis. The ‘fact’ is merely accepted and the march of day by day life strikes ahead. John Q. Public watches the information and swallows the storyline and continues on with their day. I ponder if American Idol will probably be on once more? (Bread and Circus)

The #1 motive I stack silver is that I not solely see having silver as a approach to survive but additionally to thrive as soon as the reset occurs. And the reset will occur.

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I Stack Silver: The Information Is A Lie


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