Is Covid-19 A Retribution From On Excessive?

Is Covid-19 A Retribution From On Excessive?

For believers in a ‘Greater Energy’ of no matter hue, there have to be instances when one wonders if that heavenly physique ever loses persistence with what goes on beneath.
Simply think about that stated entity, after making a magical reward just like the planet Earth, balking on the mere sight of the inflicted destruction created by the modern-day human rulers.
So image if you’ll, the Earth designed to be the epitome of perfection, with deep blue oceans, crammed with cleaning marine life, corals and fauna.
The plush inexperienced pastures and forests, a veritable playground for animals of each variety to frolic and multiply in.
And a sky, lovingly painted in an infinite pastel of blue. The Solar, positioned to cascade the world with daytime mild. Its well being giving rays a supply of power, nutritional vitamins and radiation to promotion the important progress to Earths flora.
Then to supply a twist of gaiety, brightly colored birds added to soar free upon the thermals singing and chirping their very own candy track.
Bugs of all sizes and shapes, additionally taking their pleasure by cleansing and preening the land, while employed by ‘Mom Nature’ as her little postmen of pollen to fertilize the eagerly awaiting flowers.
Lastly, to the world got here man and lady in human kind. By goal they have been first made humble, launched as merely one other species on this huge orb of paradise.
However human’s had not been created as equals, removed from it. They have been enhanced of their powers, by that includes extremely dexterous palms and a strong mind, able to ever wider thought and growth. The human, by design, was destined to evolve, blossom, and in the end obtain mastery over the planet.
Certainly blossom they did over numerous centuries. By trial and error and with the usage of ingenuity, human’s conquered the humanities of cultivation, husbandry and propagation. This set them aside from different species, now they may not solely create meals, however retailer it for when wanted.
Thus people may focus their highly effective minds on an ever wider scale. But over time the human thrust for world enchancment started to lose its approach. Progress grew to become twisted into the pursuit of false gods referred to as cash and energy.
The straightforward fundamentals of life as initially created for magnificence, necessity or utility, have been changing into abused within the pursuit of revenue. The true goal of evolution changing into corrupted by neglect, or as mere collateral harm of mans short-term aims.
So by now, the believers within the ‘Heavenly Physique’, shouldn’t be criticized for questioning if among the worlds disasters of nature, weren’t in some kind an early warning of displeasure as forged down from on excessive?
The phrases: “Do not push your luck too far people!” Coming to thoughts.
However such actions prior to now have been predominantly a regional situation, whereas now the life threatening air pollution and abuse circumvents the world. These authentic blue oceans at the moment are awash with detritus. The plush inexperienced pastures and forests, plundered for minerals, or stripped naked to return ever better income for ‘The Man’.
Initially human leaders have been males of imaginative and prescient who nurtured the land while thanking it for its blessings. Such males of knowledge have now sadly gone, and of their place sit closed-minded males of cash, thirsty for energy and hooked on wealth.
Some notably nugatory caretakers, by way of lack of mind, or just devoid of curiosity, really lay sermons to the fantastic thing about energy and wealth. With heads held excessive and puffed out chests, they espouse how the final word worth of the world is calculated within the financial depiction of an extended line of zero’s on a pc display.
So with all issues thought-about, who would blame the ‘Greater Energy’ wanting down on such nugatory views to take some motion? How can such males of energy, deaf, dumb and blind to purpose, be made to see that they’re dragging the world down the fallacious path?
Delicate warnings of the previous have come and gone with out impact, Mom Nature has displayed her energy in lots of types of latest years, however no change of route seems forthcoming.
Has the time ultimately come when a ‘Closing Warning’ from on excessive is due?
I for one can nearly hear the phrases from the heavens…
“Ship within the Covid-19!”


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Is Covid-19 A Retribution From On Excessive?


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