Script to Deal With the Covid-19 Objection

Script to Deal With the Covid-19 Objection

“We’re simply not doing something till this virus scenario is settled… “

Sound acquainted? It ought to. You most likely get this objection, or some model of it, every single day now.

And for good motive. We’re all in unchartered territory now. A few of you studying this are working from home-a complete new challenge-some shops and firms are closing for now, and freeways as clear as they have been in 1965 (see, it is not all doom and gloom.)

Anyway, how do you deal with this objection once you’re prospecting? Listed below are some sensible suggestions and a word-for-word method to deal with this present objection:

First: Take your “salesman hat” off. No one desires to be pitched exhausting proper now. As a substitute, what they need is to be listened to.

I at all times educate reps that one of the vital vital delicate expertise they will study is to simply discuss to & take heed to somebody. Gross sales reps have a tough time with this, however now’s the right time to apply this talent.

Second: It is vital to emphasize to prospects and purchasers that what we’re going by now’s short-term. It will cross.

Third: That is the right time to judge (your services or products) and to be able to make the transfer forward of their competitors. In different phrases, what they do now will both place them to be forward of or behind the opposite firms of their market area.

And you may assist them try this…

Right here is your script to make use of whereas prospecting and setting demos:

Prospect: “We’re simply not doing something till this virus scenario is settled… “

You: “I utterly perceive. We have by no means seen something like this earlier than, inform me, how are you coping with it?”

[Hit MUTE. Let your prospect or client vent. They want to be heard right now-not pitched-and you will separate yourself from all the other desperate salespeople out there if you act as a trusted advisor right now. Share how you’re dealing with it as well.]

After they’ve gotten all of it out:

“You realize _________, everyone knows one factor for sure: Whereas that is scary, and whereas we could have a number of weeks earlier than issues settle down, finally, it is short-term. And that is at the least comforting-you know?”

[Get their buy in on this.]

“Within the meantime, let me let you know what different firms I am talking with are doing. They’re utilizing this downtime to judge and examine companies like ours so when the time involves make a shopping for resolution, they will not lose any time to their rivals.

“What I would recommend is that we schedule a while so I can present you what your choices are and what different firms are leaning towards-are you at the least open to that?”

NOTE: If you wish to use a stronger tie down than, “are you at the least open to that?” you should use any of the next:

“Let’s schedule one thing for later this week so I can present you… do you will have your calendar open?”


“In actual fact, in case you have a couple of minutes proper now, let me take you to our web site… “


“What time and day could be good for you later this week… ?”


“By the best way, are you the suitable particular person to talk to about this?”

No matter which tie down you select, now begin qualifying and set an appointment for a demo.

As at all times, one of the simplest ways to beat any objection or stall is to be ready for it prematurely. Use/adapt/personalize this script so it really works for you and your trade.


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Script to Deal With the Covid-19 Objection


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